Hi I am Brittani! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Sports Psychology Consultant who believes we all come with strengths. Life gets tough at times trying to juggle who we are, heal from past experiences, and adapt to expectations placed on us. My approach is genuine, strength based, non traditional, focused on your individualized needs, full of humor, and drawing from many evidenced based practices to find effective results for you.

I have several years of therapy experience conducting ABA therapy, working in county mental health with adults and children, and more recently with individuals in a private practice setting. I have a desire for supporting others in choosing how to look at the past, how to take in the present, and how to build your future.

As a sports psychology consultant I work with teams and athletes to perform as close or at their optimal level in their sport using mental skills techniques. As a previous college athlete turned mental health professional, I know the mental and physical toll sports play on athletes, so I am hoping to provide some clarification, open up conversations, and smash the stigma related to mental health in sports.